Halunen Law Files Whistleblower Law Suits Regarding Globe University/Minnesota School of Business

April 26th, 2012

Whistleblower Lawsuits Filed

Halunen Law filed two whistleblower lawsuits today alleging that Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, terminated two of its Deans for opposing Globe’s blatant disregard for program accreditation standards, among other allegations. Globe is a Minnesota based, privately owned for-profit school that targets non-traditional students seeking post-secondary education.

The Complaint alleges that Globe University state and federal laws by fraudulently inducing students to enroll by greatly exaggerating job-placement rates following graduation, misleading the public with false advertising, and paying its admission representatives commissions based on enrollments secured.

The Complaint also alleges that Globe University led to inform students in its Medical Assisting program about the effect a felony would have on their future job prospects. It alleges that students with felonies paid Globe tens of thousands of dollars in tuition only to find out their job prospects shortly before graduation would be virtually zero, rendering their degree worthless.

Clayton Halunen, an attorney from Halunen Law remarked:

“In the face of a student debt crisis, it would be wrong for schools like Globe to fraudulently induce students to enroll with the false hope that jobs are waiting for them on the other end. Schools have a duty, to be honest about their accreditation as well as placement upon graduation. This lawsuit is the first step in holding these institutions accountable.”

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