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Lawyers Fighting for Medical and Mental Health Professionals in Minnesota

Halunen Law is privileged to represent physicians, pharmaceutical reps, licensed therapists, counselors, and other medical or mental health professionals in Minnesota and across the country. As a result, our employment lawyers have developed extensive expertise in effectively navigating the legal issues often faced by medical professionals. From Chief Medical Officers to Department Chairs, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, surgeons, physicians, and executive/administrative leadership at all levels, you need lawyers familiar with the complex legal issues that directly affect your employment in the medical industry.

Have You Experienced Any Of These Legal Challenges Facing Medical And Mental Health Professionals In The Workplace?

    • Discrimination due to age, race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy/parental status, national origin, or military status
    • Sexual harassment – threats, physical assault, offensive jokes, or intimidation
    • Retaliation for challenging or reporting discriminatory treatment in the workplace
    • Retaliation for reporting or seeking accommodations for an injury in the workplace
    • Retaliation for reporting concerns about patient care
    • Retaliation for reporting or resisting any kind of illegal conduct in the workplace
    • Being offered executive or professional severance

Our Minnesota-based lawyers for medical professionals understand the environment in which medical and mental health professionals work. Whether you are a C-Suite professional or in an entry-level role, Halunen Law can help you address these challenges. Our lawyers provide expert, personal legal guidance to help you achieve the justice you deserve. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no up-front costs to you and that we only collect a fee if we are successful in resolving your claims.

Unlike other Minnesota employment law firms, Halunen Law also has attorneys who are experienced in combating fraud against the government—including fraud involving Medicaid and Medicare. If your employment challenge is based on your awareness of this kind of fraud, Halunen Law attorneys can help you both as a whistleblower and as an employee. Lawsuits under federal or state False Claims Acts (FCA) can provide significant financial rewards to whistleblowers in the medical or mental health industries who expose fraud against government agencies or programs. The FCA relies on individuals like you who have first-hand information to root out medical fraud. The False Claims Act also makes it illegal to retaliate against whistleblowers. The combined employment and FCA experience unique to Halunen Law enables us to provide unparalleled legal representation for individuals in the healthcare field.

Conduct in the healthcare industry that may be the basis of a False Claims Act claim includes:

    • Billing the Government for a higher level of services than those actually provided
    • Billing the Government for services not actually provided, or for services provided by employees not approved to provide the services
    • Billing the Government for services provided under a false NPI (National Provider Identifier)
    • Paying kickbacks to health providers or physicians to drive business
    • Providing physicians with remuneration in exchange for referrals
    • Violating the Stark Law (prohibits physicians from referring patients for certain services in which the physician has a financial interest)
    • Falsifying clinical data and research results
    • Medicaid / Medicare / TRICARE Billing Fraud
    • Medical device fraud
    • Pharmaceutical fraud

Case Results Involving Medical and Mental Health Professionals In Minnesota

    • Our client worked in regulatory affairs at a medical device company and was terminated after she reported issues regarding the company’s failure to comply with FDA regulations. Through mediation, our client received a settlement in the high six figures.
    • Our client was a Support Professional at an Assisted Living Facility. She injured her arm when assisting a resident. Our client requested a reasonable accommodation but was told that the company could not accommodate her. Her worker’s compensation claim was not approved. After appealing the claim and getting clearance from a doctor to return to work, the client was terminated. We were able to reach a satisfactory settlement for her, getting the compensation she deserved.
    • Our client was a billing professional for a group of hospitals and became aware that certain bills were being miscoded. We were able to settle her case in the seven figures early in the litigation of her False Claims Act claim. As a whistleblower, she received a reward under the False Claims Act.
    • Our client, a neuroscientist, was terminated for challenging clinical trial misconduct by an imaging company. Her claim of retaliation under the FCA was resolved in the six figures.

Medical Professionals

How Do I Protect Myself as a Medical Professional in the Workplace?

    • Take notes or keep a journal of your experiences; the more detail the better (e.g. dates, names, description of conversations); do this outside company time and do not keep it in any company-related electronic or file systems.
    • Keep copies of emails, documents, or memos that relate to the challenges you are facing; but only retain materials to which you would normally have access.
    • Consult with an employment attorney.

What If I Need to Blow the Whistle on Illegal Conduct?

If you have witnessed or learned about something illegal at work, either constituting discrimination corporate fraud or unlawful discrimination against you or others and if, in conscience, you need to act, it would be wise to consult with an employment attorney as soon as possible.

    • Before blowing the whistle – If you come to us before reporting illegal conduct, we can help minimize potential negative reactions and help guide you to best protect your rights.
    • While you are employed – If you have already reported illegal conduct, our lawyers for medical professionals can help you recognize whether retaliation has occurred and develop a plan to address it.
    • Before or after termination – If termination is imminent or has already happened, we can use your whistleblower status to potentially negotiate a severance, file a whistleblower lawsuit, or take other action on your behalf.

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Defending the Rights of Medical Professionals

Halunen’s experienced employment lawyers have a proven record of success representing medical professionals who challenge illegal workplace conduct, including wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation. We offer a free, confidential consultation to all potential clients. If we take your case, there is no cost to you unless we win.

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