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A Courthouse for class ation lawsuits

A recent investigative report by the nonprofit Consumer Reports has concluded that at least 32 babies have died while using the Fisher-Price® Rock ‘n Play Sleepers and that the product is a serious safety threat. As identified by Consumer Reports, the problem with the rocker seems to be its overall design. Intended to offer babies …

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Civil Lawsuits: Providing a path to create social change

With the Covid-19 pandemic, violent hate groups, policing misconduct, national crises, and societal challenges at the forefront, people may be quick to say, “There should be a law (or regulation) against that.” In many instances, there are laws in place. The question is, How they are enforced? Regulatory bodies such as legislatures or government agencies …

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Black and white photo of pillars and steps in front of a courthouse

Patients who need pain medication can receive such treatment in a variety of ways. Pills and injections are perhaps the most common means of administering pain relief, but pain patches containing the drug fentanyl are also widely used. Fentanyl is significantly stronger than morphine, so it’s no wonder that it takes a careful patch design …

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Breast Cancer Charity Steals Contributions
“America’s Worst Charities” – Where is the Money Going?

Almost $1 billion of $1.3 billion donated to “America’s Worst Charities” in the past decade went to for-profit solicitors rather than the intended beneficiaries of these donations, reported The Tampa Bay Times in conjunction with the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and the Cable News Network (CNN). Entitled “America’s Worst Charities,” the exposé listed detailed …

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Supreme Court Further Denies Basic Rights to Workers & Consumers

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court struck another blow against consumers and employees in the case of Lamps Plus, Inc.  v. Varela. Yet again the Court reasoned backward from the result it wanted to reach and went out of its way to find in favor of a corporate defendant – at the expense of individual citizens …

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Black and white photo of pillars and steps in front of a courthouse
Class Action Lawsuit Basics

In our previous posts, we have reported on a number of class-action lawsuits involving chocolate, cell phone overcharges, and defective video game systems. While the settlements to these lawsuits may involve millions of dollars, many people may not understand how (or why) they are created. Through this post, we will explain why they are important. …

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Black and white photo of pillars and steps in front of a courthouse

Sales solicitations and collection calls can be very annoying, especially when a roto-dialer initiates contact and asks you to hold for “a very important matter.” While many consumers have experienced these calls at home, few actually understand that they should not be used on mobile phones. In fact, federal law prohibits this practice. Under the …

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Halunen Law’s Melissa Weiner Plays Key Role as Co-counsel in Victory for Consumer Rights and Arbitration
Halunen Law Plays Key Role as Co-counsel in Victory for Consumer Rights and Arbitration

Halunen Law plays key role as co-counsel in victory for consumer rights and arbitration Many companies include forced arbitration clauses and class action waivers in their contracts or terms of service. They do this to block consumers from banding together and holding them accountable in court when disputes arise, instead forcing them to proceed on …

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Halunen Law – Arbitration Clauses Still Can’t be Hidden in a Product’s Packaging
Good News for Consumers – Supreme Court’s Decision Not to Hear Appeals Means Arbitration Clauses Still Cannot be Hidden in a Product’s Packaging – at Least in California

On October 2, 2017, the United States Supreme Court denied Samsung’s appeals from two joint decisions by the Ninth Circuit of Appeals on Norcia v. Samsung Telecoms. Am. LLC, 845 F.3d 1279 (9th Cir. 2017) and Dang v. Samsung Elecs. Co., 673 F. App’x 7798 (9th Cir. 2017). Before Norcia and Dang decisions, it was …

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Halunen Law – Class Action Lawsuit Samsung
Fighting the ‘fine print’: Halunen Law class action team successfully challenges manufacturer’s arbitration agreements

In the ever-evolving world of consumer purchasing, companies are placing contracts in increasingly inconspicuous places. And the small print document that came with your recent electronics purchase, chances are it includes an arbitration clause. The clause likely prevents the purchaser from filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer in court, and allows for resolution of disputes …

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