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Is Workplace Bullying Illegal?

Employees frequently call our office because they are being harassed or bullied by a boss …

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Subtle Signs of Workplace Discrimination

Whatever else they may be, most employers aren’t dumb. They know that engaging in discrimination, …

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Can You Get Severance If You Quit Your Job?

People quit their jobs for all sorts of reasons – better opportunities, shifting priorities, or …

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Physician Whistleblower Protections: What You Need to Know

As a physician, your primary concern is the health and safety of your patients. Sometimes, …

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False Claims Act Whistleblowers Received Rewards Totaling More Than $488 Million in...

U.S. Department of Justice’s Annual Report on FCA Settlements and Judgments Illustrates the Substantial Rewards …

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New Law Offers Greater Rewards for Whistleblowers Who Expose Money Laundering

Few crimes attract as much scrutiny, enforcement efforts and prosecutions by the federal government as …

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Bribery May Be Old School, but Greed Never Goes Out of Style

Whistleblowers who call out bribery of foreign officials can reap significant rewards Never underestimate human …

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