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What You Should Know About Drug Testing and Medical Cannabis Issues in...

A majority of states, 38 to date plus four United States territories, have enacted statutes …

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Gender Bias in Executive Severance Negotiations

A new study from researchers at the University of New Hampshire and the University of …

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Game Theory and Severance: Why You Should Always Negotiate

Your career isn’t a game, especially if you face the unexpected, unwanted or unjustified end …

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Bipartisan Bill Would Speed Compensation and Increase Protection For SEC Whistleblowers

The federal government has several whistleblower programs that encourage, protect, and reward individuals for reporting …

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Why are Pharmaceutical & Medical Kickbacks Prohibited?

The False Claims Act (FCA) is designed to combat and prevent healthcare fraud, including pharmaceutical …

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Upcoding and Unbundling are Common Types of Healthcare Fraud

Upcoding and unbundling in healthcare are two forms of improper medical coding. Both fall under …

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Colorado Legislature Introduces the Colorado False Claims Act (CFCA)

For more than a decade Colorado has had the Colorado Medicaid False Claims Act, making …

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Civil Lawsuits: Providing a path to create social change

With the Covid-19 pandemic, violent hate groups, policing misconduct, national crises, and societal challenges at …

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Patients who need pain medication can receive such treatment in a variety of ways. Pills …

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“America’s Worst Charities” – Where is the Money Going?

Almost $1 billion of $1.3 billion donated to “America’s Worst Charities” in the past decade …

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Supreme Court Further Denies Basic Rights to Workers & Consumers

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court struck another blow against consumers and employees in the case …

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Class Action Lawsuit Basics

In our previous posts, we have reported on a number of class-action lawsuits involving chocolate, …

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Sales solicitations and collection calls can be very annoying, especially when a roto-dialer initiates contact …

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