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Established in 1998, Halunen Law (originally Halunen & Associates), an Employment Law Firm in Minneapolis, quickly proved to be a powerful advocate for employee, whistleblower, and consumer rights. Although Founding member Clayton D. Halunen is not currently practicing law, the Halunen Law team of attorneys continues to pave a proven path of bringing justice to the courtroom, and meaningful social change in boardrooms, lunchrooms, and locker rooms all across the country.


It takes courage to confront your employer, challenge a manufacturer’s misleading labels, blow the whistle on fraud against the government, or hold others accountable for their unlawful actions. To succeed, you need a knowledgeable, fearless guide. Halunen Law is here to lead the way. As a nationally respected plaintiffs’ law firm, representing employee rights in Minnesota, those who have been impacted by personal injury, consumers, and whistleblowers across the country, our reputation precedes us into the courtroom. Our success has resulted in some of the nation’s largest financial settlements.


From the initial conversation to the conclusion of your case, we’ll lead the way to the justice you deserve. We provide expert, personal guidance and help you navigate the legal process. We know it can be daunting, but be assured we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Halunen Law seeks to set things right and tirelessly pursue justice and reasonable retribution. Our extensive legal expertise, years of amassed experience, and commitment to our clients set us apart as one of the best employment, consumer, and whistleblower law firms in Minneapolis and Chicago.

When you’re up against the odds, we’re dedicated to your fight.

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Our experienced employment and whistleblower lawyers offer a free, confidential consultation to all potential clients. If we take your case, there is no cost unless we win.

When you contact our law firm, one of our Intake Specialists will be your first significant point of contact. Well-versed in Halunen Law’s practice areas, these professionals will listen to your concerns or review your submitted form and direct your inquiry accordingly. Call us today at 612-605-4098 or fill out the Contact Form.

We realize it may be difficult for you to contact us during your work hours. If this is the case, let us know when you can be available and we will do our best to accommodate. We are always willing to find a time to speak with you, whether during your lunch or break time, in the early morning or late afternoon, or during the weekend.

Your free consultation and any subsequent discussions with Halunen Law are confidential. If we move forward with your case, we’ll explain how attorney-client privilege and confidentiality work within a legal proceeding.

At the outset, Halunen Law offers a free initial consultation. Whether your questions can be answered in a few minutes or if the situation calls for a lengthy in-depth conversation, there is no cost to you. We are here to listen and help you identify the best next steps to address your situation.

We represent most of our clients on a contingency basis. Under our contingency arrangement, you will not be charged hourly fees. We only get paid if we are successful in resolving your matter. Also, unlike most firms, we typically cover related up-front costs.

Being paid on contingency means that we will be paid a percentage of what we can recover on your behalf. Costs are also deducted from any recovery. We are willing to take the risk up front because we believe in our clients and fighting for their rights. In some instances we require a small retainer, but generally the costs we front for your case, regardless of its success, are much larger.

Halunen Law has been at the forefront of justice and social change for more than 25 years. Our work has changed lives, corporate practices, and laws. We recognize and honor the courage it takes to challenge an employer or a major corporation, or blow the whistle on fraud committed against the government. We stand with you in pursuit of justice.

Our proven process ensures our clients stay fully informed throughout the legal process and you reach the best possible outcome. While we cannot guarantee success, we have been successful in resolving about 95% of our client’s cases before having to go through a trial. We have obtained millions on behalf of our clients, including the 5th largest healthcare False Claims Act/Qui Tam settlement of $1.5 billion. We have settled many seven-figure individual cases. Although there is always a risk in litigation, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Halunen Law attorneys are fierce advocates for their clients. Tireless. Tenacious. Experienced. They have earned a reputation for success. We pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment and you will have a team of attorneys working on your behalf.

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Halunen Law: Driven by your story to fight for what’s right

Not only does the Halunen Law team work with clients at our primary offices in Minnesota and Illinois, but our attorneys have worked on cases across the country. We’re dedicated to making a difference nationwide. Since 1998, we’ve fought to protect the rights of consumers, employees, whistleblowers, and those who have been impacted by the illegal actions of others. We not only provide legal services to clients and take a stand for justice in court, but we are also committed to giving back to our community through service, charitable donations, and more.

Halunen Law was founded with the purpose of fueling social change and supporting clients in the pursuit of justice, fairness, and defending employee rights. Our focus has always remained on our clients, ensuring their voice is heard, and that they receive the best possible outcome and fair compensation for all wrongdoings committed. When you need an experienced, tenacious legal support in defense of your rights, you can turn to Halunen Law with confidence.

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