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Halunen Law Women at the Helm

In honoring Women’s History Month through March, we take time to acknowledge the significant contributions of the women attorneys at Halunen Law. This team of talented attorneys champions their clients’ rights each day. Employees who experience discrimination, sexual assault or harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, or other forms of illegal acts in their workplace, will find empathetic …

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Halunen Law files lawsuit on behalf of Minneapolis Fire Department firefighter cadet Din Dol claiming racial discrimination and retaliation

Halunen Law employment attorneys Amy Boyle and Colin Pasterski recently filed suit on behalf of Din Dol, alleging the Minneapolis Fire Department engaged in racial discrimination and retaliation against the firefighting recruit. Cadet Dol was on a path to become the city’s first Somali-American firefighter. The suit alleges Dol was subjected to “outward aggression” by …

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Halunen Law Attorney Emma Denny to moderate panel of distinguished judges in upcoming CLE session

On February 23, Halunen Law employment attorney Emma Denny will moderate a Minnesota State Bar Association CLE session entitled “Civil Litigation During a Pandemic – The Bench’s Perspective.” The judges’ panel will discuss their insight on effective ways to navigate the challenges of civil litigation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The session will include tips …

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Halunen Law attorneys share tips on litigating a case during the COVID-19 pandemic

A successful lawsuit against Morrie’s 394 Hyundai serves as the backdrop for the litigation seminar. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact lives daily, the legal field has seen some considerable changes. In a recent presentation at the Civil Litigation Outlook seminar through the Minnesota Continuing Legal Education organization, Halunen Law Attorneys Amy Boyle and …

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Halunen Law Attorney Lon Leavitt Speaks on Cutting-Edge Issues at National False Claims Act Conferences

In mid-November and again last week, Halunen Law attorney Lon Leavitt, partner and chair of the False Claims Act/Whistleblower Practice Group, provided his expertise in presentations at national conferences on important and developing issues in False Claims Act law. The first was a panel at a national conference series that looks at real-life FCA practice …

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NY Waterway Ferries: Years of Dumping Raw Sewage, Other Pollutants into Hudson River, Whistleblowers Allege

Newark, NJ, December 4, 2020. A lawsuit filed by former employees of NY Waterway, which operates ferry vessels between New York and New Jersey, claims the company illegally dumped raw sewage, oil, fuel, coolant and other pollutants into New York harbor and surrounding waters for years while operating a fleet of 30 vessels that carry …

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Halunen Law’s False Claims Act Case Discussed in Forbes Magazine

Rapid Covid-19 vaccine development shines light on pharma whistleblower cases. In a recent Forbes article Halunen Law’s False Claims Act suit against Tamiflu manufacturer Roche is highlighted and outlines the critical role Whistleblowers play in policing industry misconduct. As the federal government continues to fund vaccine development and anticipates purchasing hundreds of millions, if not …

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Halunen Law attorneys share their experience of litigating in the time of a pandemic

Recent success of lawsuit against Morrie’s 394 Hyundai serves as the backdrop for presentation. Halunen Law Attorneys Amy Boyle and Colin Pasterski recently shared valuable first-hand experience of successfully litigating an unlawful termination lawsuit during a global pandemic that resulted in a $200,000 trial verdict. The presentation was to the Minnesota Chapter of the National …

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