Wrongful Termination

Have You Lost A Job Unfairly?

Across the country an employee can be terminated for almost any reason – but employees cannot be terminated for an unlawful reason.

Being fired from a job can be an incredibly stressful experience. On top of the loss of income and important benefits, you can lose valued friendships and sometimes your sense of purpose, and the financial challenges can impact personal relationships. Millions of workers of all kinds have lost jobs in recent years, but some people are wrongfully terminated.

What Wrongful Termination May Be Illegal?

Some terminations are considered wrongful under the law and some are not. Many positions fall under the “at-will employment” category, meaning that either employer or employee has the right to end the employment relationship. However, you may have a case if you believe you lost your job because:

  • You were discriminated against based on your age, sex, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, public assistance status, or another characteristic
  • You reported illegal or fraudulent behavior — whistleblower retaliation
  • You filed a workers’ compensation claim or were injured at work
  • You refused to participate in illegal or fraudulent behavior
  • You reported sexual harassment or refused sexual advances
  • You took medical leave
  • You served in the military

There are numerous other situations in which wrongful termination may have occurred, and you may have rights under the law that you aren’t aware of. The best way to explore your legal rights is to talk to an experienced employment lawyer.

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