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It takes courage and a strong sense of duty to call out fraud against the government. At Halunen Law, we’re here to help you stand up and speak out. Because when you’re willing to fight for what’s right, we’re in the fight with you.


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What is the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act is the government’s most important tool to uncover and punish fraud against the United States. The key enforcement mechanism in the False Claims Act is its reliance upon “insiders” or whistleblowers to provide credible information documenting fraud against the U.S. government. These whistleblowers assist the government in protecting the public trust and holding accountable those who would defraud the government.

Anyone who has information about fraud against the government is a potential relator. Qui tam relators include employees, patients, vendors, bookkeepers, medical care providers, accountants, auditors, independent contractors, analysts and service providers — if you are aware of fraud against the government at either the federal or state level, you may be able to start a False Claims Act case.


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Do I have a False Claims Act case?

You may have a False Claims Act case if you have knowledge that a company or person has cheated the government. This conduct generally includes:

  • Causing the government to pay money it wouldn’t otherwise pay.
  • Failing to pay money owed to the government.
  • Paying kickbacks or bribes to get people or entities to buy products paid for by the government.
  • Making false statements that cause other entities or individuals to get money they should not get.
  • Conspiring with others to cheat the government.
  • Lying on applications for contracts, grants or other money from the government.
  • Keeping property of any sort that should be returned to the government.

What are common types of False Claims Act cases?

Defrauding the government takes many forms and includes:

  • Health care fraud impacting Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Procurement fraud that impacts all agencies.
  • Kickbacks to influence purchase decisions.
  • Fraud in defense contracts.
  • Fraud in applying for any type of government grant or support programs.
  • Violations of environmental laws.
  • Fraud involving payments by any of the myriad of government agencies.




What should I do next?

Consult with an experienced FCA/Whistleblower attorney who can help you determine and understand your options - to file an FCA case you must have an attorney.

  • Halunen Law offers a no-charge consultation that is confidential.
  • Halunen Law offers representation on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if a case is successful.
  • Halunen Law has expertise in advising you on employment issues related to being a whistleblower.
  • Halunen Law has the experience you need to take appropriate next steps.

Take notes about what you are observing.

Consult with an FCA/Whistleblower attorney before hiring an attorney solely for an employment claim.

Why Halunen Law?

Halunen Law has represented False Claims Act clients (called “Relators”) for more than a decade and represents Relators on a contingency basis. The firm has brought FCA cases in jurisdictions across the United States and is known for its persistence and excellent advocacy.

FCA Partner Susan Coler is actively involved in the legal community of attorneys representing FCA Relators. Government attorneys involved in her cases have frequently commended her for the quality of her representation.

Besides her deep knowledge of the FCA, Coler has extensive experience representing whistleblowers in retaliation cases. She understands the dynamics of what it means to be a whistleblower and, when appropriate, can readily include individual employment retaliation claims in complaints alleging fraud against the government.

Halunen Law’s expertise and passion for the work make us a formidable partner for whistleblowers nationwide.

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“What makes whistleblowers take a stand?
What separates them from those who are silent?
Courage and a compelling need to do what is right.
It is that simple.
You are not alone in your journey.”

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“There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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