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Challenging fraudulent claims, misleading advertising, employment misclassification, and other deceptive business practices requires strength in numbers, long-range focus, and a legal team with coast-to-coast influence. Halunen Law is uniquely qualified to bring manufacturers, corporations, and businesses to account for their actions. Our track record proves it. Together we’ll Take A Stand for consumer rights.

Defective Products

Halunen Law is dedicated to ensuring the products that make up your home meet reasonable expectations for performance and longevity. If you believe defective or substandard materials were used in the construction of your home, or if product warranties were not honored, contact us to discuss your legal options.

Deceptive Marketing

Consumers rely on marketing to let them know about products, what they do, what is in them, and how they work. But sometimes companies mislead customers with marketing information that does not reflect the products. If you believe you have been deceived by inaccurate product marketing, we may be able to help. Contact us for a free consultation.

Employment Class Actions

When it comes to lawsuits, there is strength in numbers. In a class action, individuals or small groups can bring a claim on behalf of themselves and a class of people who have had similar experiences. Our lawyers bring employment class actions when an illegal company policy negatively impacts workers or when a company engages in illegal conduct against a group of employees.

State and federal laws protect consumers and employees from business practices that are deceptive and unfair. When a company has subjected many consumers or employees to the same illegal conduct, Halunen Law will bring a class action to right the wrong and make the company stop the unscrupulous business practice. Halunen Law’s class action attorneys represent consumers and employees across the United States who have been the victim of consumer fraud, misclassification and discrimination.

Class actions start with one person or a small group of people and are brought on behalf those individuals and a class of people who have had similar experiences. A major advantage of a class action is that it can achieve justice and financial recovery for many people when it would be too expensive for a single individual to challenge a company’s bad conduct. A short video by USLawEssentials helps describe what a class action is.

We work with clients who have been misclassified as independent contractors, who have been cheated by dishonest business practices, who have been subjected to fraudulent advertising, and who have been sold products that aren’t what they were supposed to be.

If successful, the class can receive monetary relief from the resolution of a Class Action Lawsuit. Additionally, Class Action Lawsuits can be—and often are—the catalyst for significant change within industries. Labels can be changed, wages can be recouped, products can be reformulated, and companies can be held accountable for the promises they make and do not live up to.

Anyone who has information about fraudulent or misleading corporate practices is a potential individual who could start a class action. If you are aware of fraudulent industry practices, you may be able to start a Class Action case.

Importance of Class Action Lawsuits

When a corporation cheats consumers, one person can be the plaintiff in a class action on behalf of all consumers. Class action lawsuits give individuals a mechanism to achieve change. It does not matter how small a loss, no one has the right to rip us off.

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