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Halunen Law is a nationally respected law firm with extensive experience representing clients in matters related to employment law and whistleblowing. Our successes have resulted in some of the largest financial settlements and verdicts in Minnesota and nationwide.

Our team is dedicated to using their expertise for the benefit of their clients and shares a passion for representing employees and whistleblowers. Our attorneys’ unique life and work experiences strengthen their advocacy and commitment to justice. In addition, Halunen Law’s dedicated and enthusiastic staff members play an integral role in our client services. Together, we fight to achieve the best outcome possible for those we represent.


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Our experienced employment and whistleblower lawyers offer a free, confidential consultation to potential clients. There is no cost to our clients unless we win. When you call, one of our Intake Specialists will be your first significant point of contact. Well-versed in Halunen Law’s practice areas, these professionals will listen to your concerns and direct your call accordingly.

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