Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against Carter’s Crib Bumpers

December 1st, 2012

With the holidays approaching, baby gifts become especially popular items for those with toddlers, as well as those who are expecting bundles of joy in the New Year. Baby cribs are especially popular, with infant bedding being a $50 million annual industry.

Over the last few years, crib safety concerns have become more prominent, as safety advocates have warned consumers about crib bumpers (cushions placed at the bottom of a crib and tied to the slats) could harm infants. Bumpers were originally sold to protect curious infants from getting their heads stuck in between the bars of older cribs.

The Dangers Posed by Crib Bumpers

Although bumpers were touted as great safety devices, they soon became safety issues themselves, as consumer research found that babies could strangle themselves by unknowingly tying straps around their necks, or pressing themselves against the bumpers. A number of companies came under fire for failing to recognize this threat.

According to a Courthouse News Service report, infant apparel giant Carter’s is the latest company to be charged in a federal class-action lawsuit. The lead plaintiff claims that the company’s advertisements and packaging indicating that “the bumpers are safe when properly installed” are false, misleading and are more likely to deceive the public. Specifically, the plaintiff contends that the warnings included with the packaging indicate that parents can prevent babies from strangling themselves simply by “properly secur[ring] the bumper” and removing it so the baby can sit up on its own, when this actually is not true.

The lawsuit seeks damages for consumer law violations, as well as an order directing Carter’s to issue corrective advertising.

Source: Courthouse News.comCarter’s Faces Class Action on Crib Bumpers

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