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Minnesota’s Revived Law on Reasonable Accommodations

Individuals with disabilities are afforded considerable legal protection against workplace discrimination under both state and …

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Can You Be Fired for Not Getting the COVID Vaccine?

With over half of all Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, some employers have begun …

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What is Marital Status Discrimination?

Were you fired from marital status discrimination, because of your spouse or something that your …

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May is Mental Health Month – Be Aware of Your Protections

May is Mental Health Month – a time to promote and unite our efforts around …

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Reflection on National Whistleblower Day 2021

Why do we honor whistleblowers today? We honor whistleblowers because we rely on them to …

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Can the False Claims Act Protect Former Employees?

A recent decision out the 6th Circuit reinforces that former employees are protected from retaliation …

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False Claims Act Focus for 2021

Knowing the kinds of fraud the federal government is focused on fighting is an important …

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New Treasury Secretary applauds role of IRS whistleblowers

Newly confirmed Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen told the Senate Finance Committee that she was …

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Stats Show Whistleblowers Are Key Partners in the Fight Against the Many...

The Department of Justice’s 2020 data is here, and it paints another compelling picture of …

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Personal Injury

Minnesota Car Accident – A Lived Experience

I was in a car accident in Saint Paul, MN, this summer with my wife …

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Nursing Homes. It’s a matter of trust

The decision to relocate a parent or other family member into a nursing home or …

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How to Cope With the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Grief is a normal response to losing someone you love. The pain of the loss …

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Why I Take Personal Injury Cases to Trial

Personal injury cases take time. It can be one to two years or longer from …

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I was involved in a T-Bone Accident – what should I do?

A “T-Bone” accident is a shorthand description of a collision where the front of one …

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Civil Lawsuits: Providing a path to create social change

With the Covid-19 pandemic, violent hate groups, policing misconduct, national crises, and societal challenges at …

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Patients who need pain medication can receive such treatment in a variety of ways. Pills …

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“America’s Worst Charities” – Where is the Money Going?

Almost $1 billion of $1.3 billion donated to “America’s Worst Charities” in the past decade …

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Supreme Court Further Denies Basic Rights to Workers & Consumers

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court struck another blow against consumers and employees in the case …

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Class Action Lawsuit Basics

In our previous posts, we have reported on a number of class-action lawsuits involving chocolate, …

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Sales solicitations and collection calls can be very annoying, especially when a roto-dialer initiates contact …

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