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Can the Government Direct a Whistleblower to Secretly Record Conversations with a Fraudster Represented by an Attorney?

The public-private partnership envisioned by the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act (FCA) is one of its most successful and powerful aspects, yielding billions of dollars in recoveries. The FCA permits the Government, the whistleblower, and their attorneys to cooperate—and they often do—when investigating and litigating FCA claims. But are there limits to …

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A Courthouse for class ation lawsuits
First Circuit Issues Important Decision Clarifying the False Claims Act’s “Original Source” Standard

One of the first and most frequent arguments defendants make in fighting qui tam allegations under the False Claims Act (FCA) is that the case brought by the whistleblower, or “relator,” is not viable because it is based on publicly available information, the relator is not an “original source” of that information, or both. On …

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Clayton Halunen featured on inaugural season of the Whistleblower Revolution podcast

Heidi Weber talks in-depth with Clayton Halunen, founder of Halunen Law, in Season One, Episode Two of her podcast, the Whistleblower Revolution. They cover whistleblower laws, protections available to whistleblowers, steps to take when blowing the whistle, and what goes into bringing a case to trial. This podcast is a welcome reunion for Weber and …

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A Courthouse for class ation lawsuits
What Happens to an FCA Whistleblower’s Reward If the Government Files Criminal Charges against the Defendant?

As a whistleblower, or “relator,” under the False Claims Act (FCA), you have filed a complaint against a company that defrauded the federal government. The government investigated your allegations and indicted the defendant company on federal criminal charges. At sentencing, the government seeks restitution of the amount it lost due to the defendant company’s fraud. …

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Whistleblowers in the Intelligence Community

There are many different statutes that provide protections to whistleblowers, and in some instances, also provide specific procedures to follow. That is the case with the federal whistleblower in the news these days. That whistleblower works in the Intelligence Community, where blowing the whistle may involve classified information. The intelligence community defines whistleblowing as “the …

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Celebrating National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

On this National Whistleblower Day, Halunen Law recognizes the tremendous contribution that whistleblowers make to our everyday lives— protecting our health, safety, and taxes. These contributions have been happening since the earliest days of the United States.  The Founding Fathers unanimously supported whistleblowers in both words and deeds, including providing government records and monetary assistance …

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Disgruntled Employees? You Bet. Whistleblowers in the United States

A few years back, a news article reported that a meeting of corporate defense attorneys had called out whistleblowers as primarily “disgruntled employees.” This remark reflects a too-common perspective that whistleblowers are a nuisance rather than a contributor to the well-being of our businesses and our government. Far from being a nuisance, whistleblowers are champions …

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Halunen Law – Whistleblower

It is important that employees are able to report improper or dangerous conditions that they observe in their workplaces. When someone is aware that fraudulent or dangerous practices could negatively impact the public, they are often uniquely positioned to report the problem. Unfortunately, an employee who is aware of a violation of the law may …

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Small Business Owner Cheated Out of Government Contract
Whistleblowers Take a Stand – Cheating Legitimate Small Businesses Out of Government Contracts

Much of the work of the federal government is accomplished through contracts with non-governmental entities. For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2015, those contracts added up to more than $500 billion. The Legislature wants a good portion (23%) of those dollars to go to small businesses as a means of strengthening the nations’ economy. …

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definition of courage to honor whistleblowers-halunen law
On National Whistleblower Day . . . Ode to Whistleblowers

Becoming a whistleblower is a process that is not invited or welcome. It confronts individuals with a reality they cannot ignore and calls them to take a stand in a place they would not choose. But for their sense of integrity, whistleblowers would prefer to remain among those who are silent.

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