Halunen Law welcomes attorney Brittany Deane Salyers to its employment practice group

November 29th, 2023


Halunen Law is pleased to announce that attorney Brittany Deane Salyers has joined the firm’s employment law practice group. Brittany brings a deep dedication to employment law. She understands that unlawful treatment in a workplace can have devastating repercussions and is committed to holding employers accountable. She has successfully represented labor and employment law clients at the state and federal levels in litigation, mediation, and complex legal negotiations.

She has represented and advised clients in various matters, including Title VII discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, ADA, ADEA, wrongful termination, and retaliation, and matters involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Adding breadth to her experience representing employees, Brittany worked as an intellectual property analyst and represented clients in tort cases, including work with Minnesota farmers in the Midwest Corn Lawsuit against a giant agricultural company, which settled for $1.5 billion. Her range of legal experience, proven record, and determination to achieve justice is an ideal match with Halunen Law’s dedicated team of employment law attorneys.
A native of the East Coast, Brittany received her Bachelor of Arts from Sweet Briar College in Virginia. Post-graduation, she attended the University of Wyoming School of Law with an emphasis in employment law. In 2015, she returned to her alma mater and was named one of the “Saviors of Sweet Briar College” by Vanity Fair Magazine for her work as co-director of the college’s recruitment and public relations team. In addition to her law practice, Brittany has an abundantly active life. She and her twin sister married twin brothers, and each couple has a son. They are a tight-knit family with an active presence and strong following on social media and in the media at large.

About Halunen Law:  With offices in Minneapolis and Chicago, Halunen Law offers experienced legal representation for employees, whistleblowers, and those who have experienced illegal actions in their workplace. Halunen Law has achieved a reputation as a fearless, tenacious, and successful plaintiffs’ law firm, focused squarely on achieving justice for its clients and creating workplace and societal change. For more information, visit halunenlaw.com.


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