Halunen Law files lawsuit alleging Subway failed to protect teenage employee who was sexually abused, assaulted, drugged by registered child sex offender serving as her supervisor

March 23rd, 2024

Suit claims damages in excess of $50 million

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Halunen Law has sued Subway Corporation, the $10 billion global restaurant giant, and a Jamestown, North Dakota Subway Franchisee, on behalf of a teenaged former employee, C.S. who alleges she was drugged, sexually abused, and raped by her Subway supervisor—a registered sex offender and convicted pedophile. The C.S. vs. Subway Complaint seeks damages against both Subway Corporation and the Subway Franchisee for their alleged failure to protect C.S. from the alleged abuse.

The Complaint alleges that the Subway Defendants hired Zeferino Carlos Rangel in 2022 to supervise teenage employees. When hired, Rangel was a convicted and registered child sex offender who had recently served a lengthy prison sentence for sexual crimes against children and teenage victims. The Complaint alleges that despite public warning by police about Rangel’s presence in the community—and the history of his sexual assaults, which would have been discovered in a background check—Subway hired Rangel anyway.

The position at Subway was C.S’s first job, and she was unaware that her supervisor was a registered sex offender. She alleges she was often forced to work alone with Rangel who, over time, drugged and repeatedly sexually assaulted her, using threats to her livelihood and family if she refused his demands. As alleged in the Complaint, C.S. informed her General Manager, that she felt extremely uncomfortable at work and pleaded to be transferred to another store or work on other shifts, but her requests were ignored.

The Complaint claims that the company’s failure to protect C.S. subjected her to unspeakable harm at the hands of her supervisor. It further alleges that Subway has a history of failing to protect its employees from sexual predators, and that its conduct warrants compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $50 million. Besides accusing the Subway defendants of negligent hiring, retention, and supervision, false imprisonment, sexual assault, and battery, the Complaint alleges violation of a federal sex trafficking statute, 18 U.S.C. §1591, prohibiting the use of drugs or threats of violence to coerce a person to perform sex acts.

Halunen attorney, Brittany Deane Salyers, stated, “Given the allegations of the Subway defendants’ disregard for the health and welfare of our client, their employees, and the public at large, this matter is of grave public concern. Subway presents itself as a healthy, wholesome, safe place to eat and work. But the Complaint alleges that this is hardly the case. In addition to justice for our client, we seek to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again to another Subway employee.”

Read the full C.S. vs. Subway Complaint

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