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Executives in Minnesota turn to Employment Lawyers from Halunen Law to provide them with trusted legal advice and fierce advocacy when they face turning points in their careers. Whether the situation involves unfair treatment, observations of misconduct in the workplace, or illegal activities by the company itself, Halunen Law executive employment lawyers have a proven history of success in representing top-tier executives, including chief operating officers, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief information officers, company presidents, board members, and other senior-level employees in a variety of industries.

With decades of experience representing Minnesota executives, Halunen Law will expertly help you navigate the unique and often complex legal issues faced by executives. This may include providing security and guidance when difficult issues arise or advising you when and how to raise complaints or concerns about illegal conduct to your company. Our employment lawyers advocate for our executive clients and provide experienced, personalized legal guidance to ensure they are informed and their legal rights protected.

Considerations for C-Suite Executives

Making it to the C-suite does not necessarily insulate you from discrimination. Halunen Law has the expertise to help you evaluate whether you are being treated unfairly compared to others in the C-suite and the company.

Making it to the C-suite may also put you in a position to observe illegal conduct by your company. Halunen Law has the expertise to help you decide whether, where, and how to report your concerns, and what to do if you suspect retaliation. Halunen Law specializes in working with senior executives and has deep expertise in working with whistleblowers and can help you evaluate your options and protect yourself from retaliation.

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If you are moving on to a new professional opportunity, or if you are being pressured to do so, Halunen Law’s executive employment attorneys are fully prepared to help you negotiate a comprehensive “exit package” that can include deserved severance pay, monetary and non-monetary benefits and perks, and assistance in messaging your departure both within your organization and to the public. Halunen Law has successfully represented executives like you in employment matters in Minnesota because its attorneys have intimate knowledge of the variables in executive compensation packages such as equity awards, employee benefits and perks, stock options, and rights and obligations related to deferred compensation. Consulting with an experienced employment attorney in this situation may uncover additional leverage you have that will significantly enhance that severance.

Finally, if you have been terminated, Halunen Law has deep expertise in evaluating your situation and advising you in possible next steps, which can include negotiating a severance or considering litigation.

If you need guidance with wrongful termination, employment discrimination, reporting fraudulent conduct, whistleblower retaliation, severance agreement negotiation, or guidance with other legal matters, such as contract agreements facing you as a C-suite executive, please contact Halunen Law today for a free and confidential consultation. Our lawyers provide strategic, fearless guidance to help you achieve the results you deserve.

Case Results Involving Executive Employment In Minnesota

  • Our client worked for a Fortune 500 company as an executive for 15 years before being terminated due to racial discrimination. After negotiations with the Company’s attorneys, a mediation was scheduled to attempt to resolve the case before filing a lawsuit. At the mediation, we were able to attain a settlement in the high six figures for our client before having to go to court.
  • Our C-suite client was the victim of sexual harassment by another executive-level manager at her company. After discussions with the Company’s legal counsel during mediation, we obtained a high seven-figure settlement for her without having to go to court.
  • Another C-suite client experienced retaliation for filing a False Claims Act whistleblower case against a healthcare company. We negotiated a seven-figure settlement for that client.

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A Severance Package Is More Than Just Severance Pay

When it comes to executive severance packages, many of us think exclusively of severance pay. While pay is undoubtedly an important part of your severance, there are other aspects you need to consider before making that final “break” with your employer. There are considerations such as positive references, additional vacation or paid time off, even how your departure is characterized. When you work with an executive employment attorney to evaluate all the various incentives and benefits provided to executives, there is often much more money if, and only if, it is demanded through severance negotiation.

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Contrary to what your employer would have you believe; the terms of your severance are not written in stone. Halunen Law’s experienced labor and employment lawyers work with clients to ensure their executive severance package is optimized for their needs and the future.

Contact a Halunen Law Intake Specialist today to discuss your situation and determine your next steps. Learn more about executive severance considerations from the Executive Severance articles in our blog section. Call us today at 612-605-4098 or fill out the Case Review Form using the link below.

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