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Are You Treated Unfairly Because Of Your Age?

Just as discrimination occurs in the workplace based on racegender and other factors, unfair and illegal treatment is often given to employees based on their age, most commonly when they are older than their colleagues. As many baby boomers and mature workers can attest, age discrimination can be insulting to skilled, experienced professionals who have much to contribute. When a lawyer is needed, we can help.

The employment law specialists of Halunen Law have successfully represented many employees who have experienced discrimination based on their age. We are extremely familiar with employment situations where:

  • The oldest person on a team is let go during downsizing, even though they are more skilled, tenured or capable than younger members
  • A high-performing older employee is suddenly written up or disciplined for performance issues
  • An older employee does not get the same training opportunities as his or her younger counterparts
  • A layoff or reduction in force occurs and the employees selected are all gray-haired
  • Mature employees are being pressured to retire

Whether you work for a company that seems to blatantly favor young workers or whether the discrimination is more subtle, it can be hard to know what to do. That’s where our attorneys come in.

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If you suspect that age discrimination may be a factor in your situation, one of our lawyers can help you understand your legal rights during a free, confidential consultation. We can advise you regarding severance, retirement and many other issues that may apply. Call us at 612-605-4098 or toll-free at 866-523-8533 to speak to an Age Discrimination Attorney.