Kiplinger publishes article by Halunen employment attorney Brittany Deane Salyers offering guidance to address workplace discrimination

March 14th, 2024

Brittany Deane SalyersFor those who believe they have been discriminated against at work, Brittany
Deane Salyers’ article “Facing Workplace Discrimination? Seven Ways to Address It,” published in Kiplinger, provides clear, concise approaches to address the issue and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Salyers shares, “Living even one day with discrimination by supervisors, co-
workers or others in the workplace is unacceptable; trying to live with it day after day after day is unsustainable. Know that you need not and should not accept such wrongful — and unlawful — conduct in the workplace. You can take action to stop the discrimination and hold accountable those who treat you negatively because of your race, gender, pregnancy, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or other legally protected characteristics.”

With a record of successfully representing labor and employment law clients in litigation, mediation, and complex legal negotiations, Salyers brings a depth of expertise to this topic and a straightforward approach that readers will find helpful.

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