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covid 19 constitute disability under ada, female wearing face mask
COVID-19 May Constitute a Disability Under the ADA

As we continue to grapple with COVID-19 and its everchanging variants, the EEOC has updated its guidance on determining if COVID-19 constitutes a disability under the Americans with Disabilities and the Rehabilitation Act (“ADA”). Released on December 14, 2021, the guidance states that, under certain circumstances, COVID-19 may constitute a disability under the ADA. To …

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State Capital Minnesota-revised-reasonable-accommodations-law
Minnesota’s Revived Law on Reasonable Accommodations

Individuals with disabilities are afforded considerable legal protection against workplace discrimination under both state and federal law. The Minnesota Human Rights Act (“MHRA”) is our state law that prohibits discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on protected characteristics in Minnesota. In the context of individuals with disabilities, the MHRA provides that, except when based on a …

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A Courthouse for class ation lawsuits
OSHA & CMS Unveil New COVID-19 Vaccination Rules – Potential Whistleblower Protections for Employees

On Thursday, November 4, 2021, both OSHA and CMS announced new vaccination requirements for private sector and healthcare workers. These rules may provide new protections for employees who experience retaliation for raising concerns when their employer is not in compliance with COVID-19 protection requirements. OSHA The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s emergency temporary standard (ETS) …

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Whistle On American Flag
Senator Chuck Grassley Discusses the Importance of the False Claims Act Amendments

On October 21, 2021, Senator Chuck Grassley discussed the importance of the False Claims Act during the Executive Business Meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee. During his discussion, Senator Grassley exposed the fraud lobby’s efforts to undermine bipartisan, common-sense amendments to the #FalseClaimsAct, the government’s primary tool to fight fraud. Under the FCA more than …

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doj cyber fraud cybersecurity whistleblower fca
DOJ Highlights Importance of Whistleblowers and False Claims Act to Deter Cyber Fraud

In 1865, it was whistleblowers who were critical in reporting fraud by those who provided the U.S. War Department with rusty rifles, boats that leaked, and hats that melted in the rain. Today, whistleblowers are now critical to protecting the United States in the digital space. No longer on the battlefield of the Civil War, …

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Can You Be Fired for Not Getting the COVID Vaccine?

With over half of all Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, some employers have begun slowly transitioning back to working in-person. And in doing so, many of those employers have implemented vaccine mandates. As a result, and perhaps to no surprise, some employees have either quit or been fired for not getting the COVID vaccine. …

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The ABC’s of What To Do In A Car Accident

An automobile collision is an unplanned and stressful event. However, knowing what to do before and after an automobile accident can reduce that anxiety and help you on the road to a full recovery. Here is essential information on the steps you should take before, at the scene, and once you get home after a …

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Minnesota Car Accident – A Lived Experience

I was in a car accident in Saint Paul, MN, this summer with my wife and three friends as we were on our way to the MN United soccer game at Allianz Stadium. Fortunately, there were no significant injuries at the scene. Unfortunately, our car was totaled. No one expects to be in a car …

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Reflection on National Whistleblower Day 2021

Why do we honor whistleblowers today? We honor whistleblowers because we rely on them to expose corporate wrongdoing. Whether insider employees, consumers or patients – whistleblowers see illegal conduct and do something about it. We honor whistleblowers because they model integrity and courage. Whistleblowers take a stand knowing that blowing the whistle is risky business …

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nursing home abuse lawyer
Nursing Homes. It’s a matter of trust

The decision to relocate a parent or other family member into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility is always difficult, and it requires putting your trust in the hands of the facility’s health care professionals and staff.  Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you researched and vetted the care facility, you must remain vigilant for …

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