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Female doctor looks over medical record for upcoming appointment
‘Gendered Ageism’: Discrimination Against Older Women in the Workplace

Each of us is more than the sum of our parts. No single characteristic defines us; rather, we are an amalgamation of different traits, inclinations, experiences and perspectives. For some people, their unique combination of biology and background means they’re members of more than one class that the law protects from workplace discrimination and harassment. …

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Business Woman Signing Documents Deal Concept
NLRB Says Employers Can No Longer Use Severance Agreements to Buy Laid-Off Employees’ Silence

Most employers don’t offer severance packages to laid-off employees out of the kindness of their hearts. They do so because they’re buying something. That something may be employees’ release of any harassment or discrimination claims or promises not to solicit employers’ customers. Employers also use severance agreements to buy employees’ silence. As a result, employees …

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bored colleagues with laptops on desk sitting in office
Subtle Signs of Workplace Discrimination

Whatever else they may be, most employers aren’t dumb. They know that engaging in discrimination, harassment or retaliation against protected groups in hiring and employment practices is illegal. They also understand that discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims can negatively affect their finances and their reputations. That’s why workplace discrimination is often subtle and nuanced rather …

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A green sticky note of resignation
Can You Get Severance If You Quit Your Job?

People quit their jobs for all sorts of reasons – better opportunities, shifting priorities, or the need to escape from uninspiring, frustrating or miserable situations. Whatever motivates workers to move to greener pastures, they typically want to leave with as little drama or animosity as possible. They also want to depart with as much financial …

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Recent Minnesota Supreme Court Case Clarifies Proof Needed for Age Discrimination and Constructive Discharge Claims

Age discrimination in the workplace is rarely open and obvious. An employer that wants to push an older worker out the door likely won’t come out and say, “We’re letting you go because you’re too old.” Instead, the employer may devise pretexts for termination, such as unjustified poor performance reviews. Alternatively, an employer may make …

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Close up of Employee termination form with pen and calculator
Top 5 Questions to Ask When Offered a Severance as Part of a RIF

If your employer has offered you a severance package as part of a Reduction in Force or RIF, you first need to understand that companies typically claim that RIFS are necessary for supposed financial reasons. In truth, though, RIFS are often used to get rid of older, more expensive employees and may constitute age discrimination. …

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Layoff notice after spread of Covid-19 (corona virus), Crisis of the business recession during the Covid-19 outbreak.
I’ve Just Received a Layoff Notice. What Should I Do?

Coming off record low unemployment rates, businesses are increasingly shedding workers across the economy, affecting employees at companies ranging from 3M to Twitter to Yankee Candle. Fortunately, the law affords laid off individuals certain rights and protections, as summarized below:  1. Am I Entitled to Severance? In many countries, terminated employees are entitled by law …

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Physician Whistleblower Protections: What You Need to Know

As a physician, your primary concern is the health and safety of your patients. Sometimes, this means speaking out when you witness violations of healthcare laws or unethical practices. Unfortunately, the act of reporting such violations can sometimes put your job and career in jeopardy. Fortunately, federal and state laws provide protections for physicians who …

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Money & Justice
False Claims Act Whistleblowers Received Rewards Totaling More Than $488 Million in 2022

U.S. Department of Justice’s Annual Report on FCA Settlements and Judgments Illustrates the Substantial Rewards Available to Courageous Whistleblowers.  The federal government spends a lot of money every year. It pays billions to contractors and suppliers for goods and services, reimburses billions to health care providers through programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and awards billions in …

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Latest in a Long Line of Wells Fargo Scandals Reinforces the Power and Importance of Whistleblowers

Since 2016, banking and financial services giant Wells Fargo has paid more than $6 billion in fines and restitution for a wide range of fraudulent and illegal activities that affected its customers. In December 2022, Wells Fargo added billions more in penalties to its extraordinary record of misconduct. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has …

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