Minnesota Supreme Court Decision Grants New Rights to Employees Disabled from Workplace Injury

February 28th, 2019

A Victory to Minnesota Employees

The Minnesota Supreme Court has just handed a victory to Minnesota employees who have been disabled as a result of a workplace injury. The Court’s recent ruling in the Daniel v. City of Minneapolis case, states that employees who develop a disabling condition resulting from an on-the-job injury may now recover workers’ compensation benefits for that injury, and they may bring a separate claim for disability discrimination under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. This case overturns a 1989 Minnesota Supreme Court case, Karst v. F.C. Hayer Co., which held that the sole recourse for employees with disabilities resulting from an on-the-job injury was to receive workers’ compensation benefits. For three decades the Karst ruling has prevented employees with disabilities from a workplace injury from pursuing their rights under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. As a result of the Daniel decision, Karst has been overruled, and disabled employees across the state may now pursue all of the remedies they are entitled to under the law.

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Court rules for firefighter in disability case

Star Tribune:

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Former Minneapolis firefighter will be able to sue for disability discrimination, high court rules

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