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Physician Whistleblower Protections: What You Need to Know

As a physician, your primary concern is the health and safety of your patients. Sometimes, this means speaking out when you witness violations of healthcare laws or unethical practices. Unfortunately, the act of reporting such violations can sometimes put your job and career in jeopardy. Fortunately, federal and state laws provide protections for physicians who …

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Money & Justice
False Claims Act Whistleblowers Received Rewards Totaling More Than $488 Million in 2022

U.S. Department of Justice’s Annual Report on FCA Settlements and Judgments Illustrates the Substantial Rewards Available to Courageous Whistleblowers.  The federal government spends a lot of money every year. It pays billions to contractors and suppliers for goods and services, reimburses billions to health care providers through programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and awards billions in …

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Paid Sick Leave for More Employees in Minneapolis and St. Paul

In the United States, paid sick leave is offered to only half of the full-time workforce. Unfortunately, access to paid sick leave is greatly diminished if you are a low-wage earner. A recent study shows that seven out of ten low-wage workers do not have paid sick time available. For many low-to-medium wage workers, the …

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