Halunen Law to Oil Company: This Ain’t the Wild West

February 18th, 2018

Halunen Law was featured in Minnesota Lawyer for its recent lawsuit against Texas oil company C & J Energy for gender discrimination, violations of equal pay laws, and whistleblower retaliation. Read the article here.

Ms. Marchello was hired in 2012 as a pump operator. She had over three years experience in shale oil and was a certified heavy duty diesel mechanic. During her employment, Marchello was subject to humiliating names and treatment because of her gender. She was told, “If you are not here to be one of the guys, then you don’t have to be here at all.” During one of her 12 hour day work weeks, she was forced to move 50 pound buckets of chemicals by herself the enitre time simply because a client company supervisor told C & J Energy that he did not want a woman working in the field. Eventually Marchello was moved from her position in the field to behind a desk, apparently the only place for her at C & J Energy.

While Marchello was in the office, she was ordered to fetch coffee and gather dry cleaning by her male supervisor. It was during her time in the office she learned she had been making $2.00 less than her male counterparts for the same work.

The complaint seeks damages for gender discrimination and reprisal in violation of Title VII, the North Dakota Human Rights Act, and North Dakota Equal Pay Act.

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