Halunen Law files lawsuit on behalf of Minneapolis Fire Department firefighter cadet Din Dol claiming racial discrimination and retaliation

March 3rd, 2021

Halunen Law employment attorneys Amy Boyle and Colin Pasterski recently filed suit on behalf of Din Dol, alleging the Minneapolis Fire Department engaged in racial discrimination and retaliation against the firefighting recruit. Cadet Dol was on a path to become the city’s first Somali-American firefighter.

The suit alleges Dol was subjected to “outward aggression” by classmates and supervisors, including a physical assault.  and was ultimately fired as retaliation for conveying his concerns.  After experiencing “increased hostile treatment” and reporting his concerns to department leadership, he received negative training feedback.

He was fired on February 21, 2020, less than one month before his anticipated graduation date, even though he had passed two certification exams. The complaint cites a history of racial discrimination against people of color. As of 2016, more than 70% of the department’s firefighters were white—a percentage that has only increased in recent years.

“It is an honor to represent Din Dol,” said Halunen Law employment attorney Colin Pasterski. “This case shines an important spotlight on the underrepresentation of Somali Americans and other people of color in the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Halunen Law has a long-standing history of bringing not only justice but societal change through successful litigation. We hope this case will have a profound impact on the Minneapolis Fire Department’s practices in the future and look forward to helping our client achieve resolution of this matter.”

Din Dol is represented by Halunen Law employment attorneys Colin Pasterski and Amy Boyle.

Read the Complaint filed in Hennepin County

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