Halunen Law attorney Pamela Johnson publishes article on gender pay gap in Women On Business

August 24th, 2023

In her article “The Longer a Woman’s Career, the Greater the Gender Pay Gap,” published in Women On Business, Halunen Law attorney Pamela Johnson shares insights on the recent Pew Research Center report, The Enduring Grip of the Gender Pay Gap. Citing the inverse correlation between years worked and pay equity, the report’s authors concluded that while “women generally begin their careers closer to wage parity with men … they lose ground as they age and progress through their work lives, a pattern that has remained consistent over time.” Johnson provides an analysis of this important report, what’s behind the pay inequity obstacles facing women in the workforce, and the steps needed for sustainable change.

Read the full article as published on Women on Business.

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As a member of Halunen Law’s Employment Practice Group, Pamela Johnson brings an impressive reputation for advocacy and achievement. Her clients benefit from her breadth of experience, stellar track record, and exceptional insight.