Employment Attorneys: Answering the Why and When
Part 1: Understanding the Need

September 6th, 2016

Halunen Law - Employment Attorneys Answering Why & When Every one of us would love to find that dream job with the perfect boss and supportive co-workers, a sort of “Occupational Utopia”, but not all employment relationships have a happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are times when honest, hardworking employees get caught up in workplace issues that are confusing and by their very nature, highly sensitive.

Without realizing it, you can find yourself at the critical point where you have suffered from or witnessed illegal workplace issues, and now you are forced to decide between revealing the truth and protecting your job. The good news is that you can do both, but… it requires you to take action and initiate the process.

The most important step towards protecting your rights is to contact an attorney who specializes in representing employees, not employers. If you have already made a complaint and experienced retaliation, your time to seek a legal remedy may be running out more quickly than you think.

The danger of not being fully informed of your rights in the workplace or the deadlines that apply to making complaints can result in your employer never being held accountable for severely mistreating yourself and possibly other employees. Since law firms that specialize in representing employees have a single focus, they can direct all their energy and resources into protecting your rights. Among the multiple ways they can assist you is their in-depth knowledge of Federal and State laws and how they interact, so you can fully benefit from the protections they provide. Access to these types of legal information will increase your chances of prevailing when taking legal action. As an employee, it really helps to have a zealous advocate on your side when attempting to defend yourself in a work-related legal matter.

You may feel isolated and vulnerable but rest assured help is available. Don’t struggle with the overwhelming stress of trying to navigate this on your own. Find an attorney who fully understands the law and can provide professional representation and personal guidance through this challenging time.

Anne Weber, spouse of a Halunen Law client, is a freelance writer/blogger who took to the internet as a way of overcoming the barriers of losing her mobility.

In Part 2 – Top 5 Reasons Sooner is Better Than Later, you will find out why contacting legal counsel as soon as possible after you think your rights have been violated is definitely in your best interest.

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