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A Courthouse for class ation lawsuits
Minnesota Lawyer published a blog written by False Claims Act attorney Nathaniel Smith. Here is a sneak peek:

President Abraham Lincoln enacted the False Claims Act during the Civil War when bullets were filled with sawdust instead of gunpowder, the government received sand instead of sugar, and horses arrived decrepit or blind. Regrettably, fraud against the Government is still a pervasive problem and extends widely across industries. Employees, including managers and executives, are …

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Halunen Law Class Action Suit Against Babyganics
Halunen Law Files Joint Class Action Lawsuit in Federal District Court Against Maker of Babyganics

NEW YORK & MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumers from New York and California filed a class action lawsuit in federal district court in New York today against KAS Direct LLC, alleging that the company uses deceptive marketing and business practices to promote its Babyganics line of infant-oriented health, hygiene, and personal-care and household cleaning products, said plaintiffs law …

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Clayton Halunen
What is the False Claims Act?

Fraud against the government is nothing new. It’s an age-old problem dating back to the Civil War era when contractors supplied the army with broken guns, sand-packed bullets, lame pack mules, cardboard boots and more. President Lincoln asked Congress for a law setting severe financial penalties those who engaged in the practice. Today, the False Claims Act (FCA) —also known as the original …

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