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Supreme Court blows the whistle loud and clear on good faith

The Minnesota Supreme Court blew open the courthouse doors to whistleblowers on Aug. 9 by removing the requirement that the putative whistleblower act with the purpose of “exposing an illegality.” Whistleblowers are now held to a good faith standard under the Minnesota Whistleblower Act. It means that employees such as James Friedlander who spoke to …

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Halunen Law Community Connections: Minnesota State High School Hockey Fund Raiser
Halunen Law celebrates Minnesota State High School Hockey and raises funds for the Herb Brooks Foundation Rink Rats

With several Halunen attorneys and staff members having played high school hockey “back in the day,” and the Firm’s founder Clayton Halunen hailing from northern Minnesota’s hockey mecca, being part of the 2017 Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament was a natural fit. It is also is turning out to be a lot of fun. …

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Clayton Halunen – Law Magazine Cover
Clayton D. Halunen is featured as the Attorney of the Month in the October issue of Attorney at Law

Fearless in His Pursuit of JusticeClayton D. Halunen, founder of the powerhouse plaintiff’s firm Halunen Law, has done exactly what he set out to do. A bold voice in employment, consumer and whistle-blower matters, Halunen and his team of dedicated advocates strive to right the wrongs in our society, taking up the cause of the …

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Halunen Law – Evidence of Fraud Against the Government
What should I do if I have evidence of fraud against the government?

With changing times and expanding needs, the government finds itself increasingly reliant on the private sector to help deliver an array of services. As the private sector’s role has expanded, one thing remains constant: some businesses cheat—they commit fraud against the government. These deceptive practices date back to the Civil War era. When a person …

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Halunen Law Offices Pool Table
Cool Offices: Halunen Law Forgoes Tradition

Halunen Law inspires teamwork among its multigenerational staff by thinking beyond cubicles and conference rooms. In late 2015, the firm renovated its downtown Minneapolis office with tech-enabled, collaborative workspaces and a central area for socializing, while keeping the outer perimeter of lawyers’ offices intact. “Being captive in an office or cubicle without opportunity to really …

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Clayton Halunen
What is the False Claims Act?

Fraud against the government is nothing new. It’s an age-old problem dating back to the Civil War era when contractors supplied the army with broken guns, sand-packed bullets, lame pack mules, cardboard boots and more. President Lincoln asked Congress for a law setting severe financial penalties those who engaged in the practice. Today, the False Claims Act (FCA) —also known as the original …

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