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Whistleblowers Help Curb Corporate Fraud

Click link to view video: Whistleblowers Help Curb Corporate Fraud

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Cat’s Paws and Employment Law

“Pratfalls, Cat’s Paws, and Fact Questions” was the title of a July 16, 2013 Webcast in which H&A attorney Susan Coler was a presenter. The broadcast provided employment attorneys’ with updated information about retaliation statutes and legal theories to maximize success when litigating employment claims. What is a Cat’s Paw? It’s a theory where a …

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Susan Coler Named One of the Top 50 Women Attorneys in Minnesota

Besides being named as a 2013 Super Lawyer, Halunen Law Partner Susan Coler was named on the list of the top 50 women attorneys in Minnesota. “It is an honor to be included,” says Coler. “I so respect the many women attorneys in Minnesota who have blazed legal trails and represented their clients with great …

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Employer Held Liable for Intentionally Misleading Employee, Inducing Him to Turndown Competitive Job Offer

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently handed down a victory for employees in Sletten v. Crop Production Services. The Court of Appeals ruled that an employer could be liable for damages when it made false promises to an employee that caused him to turn down a more lucrative job offer. Halunen attorneys represented the employee, …

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Susan Coler Interview – Whistleblowers and the False Claims Act

Ross Brindle, host of the Legal Journal on Business 1570, interviewed Halunen attorney Susan Coler about Whistleblowers and the False Claims Act (FCA). Ms. Coler discussed on the air how the FCA works, what types of fraud typically fall under the act, what people need to know if they are aware of fraud against the …

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Minnesota Whistle-Blowers to Share in $84M in Fees

Susan Coler is a Minneapolis attorney representing a Minnesota resident who was a whistle-blower in a case against Abbott Laboratories Inc. The company recently settled a civil and criminal case against it for $1.5 billion. The Minnesota Lawyer article discusses the Abbott Labs whistle-blower case, and the $84M (15% of civil recovery) shared among the 6 whistleblowers.

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Halunen Law Files Whistleblower Law Suits Regarding Globe University/Minnesota School of Business

Whistleblower Lawsuits Filed Halunen Law filed two whistleblower lawsuits today alleging that Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, terminated two of its Deans for opposing Globe’s blatant disregard for program accreditation standards, among other allegations. Globe is a Minnesota based, privately owned for-profit school that targets non-traditional students seeking post-secondary education. The Complaint alleges that Globe …

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Mastic/Alcoa Home Exteriors

Halunen Law filed a lawsuit against Alcoa Home Exteriors, now owned by Ply Gem Holdings under the new name of Mastic Home Exteriors on behalf of consumers who have Oasis decking on their home or other structures. The suit alleges that the decking is defective because it is prone to cracking, warping, curling, splitting, and …

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