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Employment contracts are important legal arrangements that delineate conditions of an employee’s relationship with their employer – conditions that impact their careers, their livelihood, their families and their future. It is important to make sure these contracts are done properly, and to make sure that any problems that surface are addressed wisely.

With a team that includes attorneys certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as Labor and Employment Law Specialists, our lawyers have handled negotiations, drafting and disputes related to employment agreements and contracts, including:

  • Non-compete agreements (non-competition agreements) that clearly define who and where the competition is, and how much time must pass before other employment is viable
  • Compensation agreements that include benefits, bonuses, equity and stock options
  • Executive and professional severance and termination
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements

We also litigate breach of contract or false inducement cases in which an employer entices someone to move to Minnesota and does not honor its end of the agreement.

In addition to helping clients in litigation involving these matters, we assist other clients in structuring compensation and tax positioning and protecting their key personal interests in other important ways.

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