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For many consumers, their house is their largest investment. So it’s no small thing when a house’s siding cracks and warps, shingles crumble, or windows leak prematurely. The good news is that there are state and federal laws to assist consumers who buy building products that don’t perform as promised or have manufacturing defects that cause premature product failure.

Likewise, electronics and appliances are expensive, and consumers rely on them to perform as promised. When electronics and appliances don’t live up to those promises because of false advertising or defective components – consumers may have reason to file a lawsuit.

Defective Products Law Firm in Minneapolis

Halunen Law is dedicated to ensuring that electronics and appliances perform as expected for an appropriate period of time. If you have purchased electronics or appliances that have failed to meet reasonable performance expectations, we offer a free consultation to discuss possible legal actions.

Halunen Law is dedicated to ensuring the products that make up your home meet reasonable expectations for performance and longevity. If you believe defective or substandard materials were used in the construction of your home, or if product warranties were not honored, we can talk with you about your legal rights. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our firm is known for litigating cases involving faulty products. Completed and ongoing cases include:

  • Alcoa-Oasis Decking
  • Apple Wi-fi
  • CertainTeed Siding
  • Honeywell Humidifiers
  • IKO Shingles
  • KitchenAid
  • Samsung Washers

Halunen Law Investigation: Medtronic Ventricular Assist Device Serious Injuries and Deaths

Halunen  Law is Investigating Medtronic for Deaths and Serious Injuries from it’s HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (HVAD).

Since Medtronic’s heart pump device came to market in 2012, it has been plagued with issues that have resulted in reports of serious injuries and deaths rarely seen for any medical device. The FDA MAUDE adverse event reporting system has received over 41,000 reports relating to HVAD malfunctions, serious injuries and deaths.  Other registries from sales outside the United States likely include an additional 10,000 or more adverse event reports.  Medtronic reports sales of over 18,000 devices worldwide. These numbers suggest that for every device sold, every user experiences on average about 3 device malfunctions, serious injuries and/or deaths.

The FDA MAUDE system reports that since 2012 there have been 20,399 malfunctions, 17,658 serious injuries and 3,318 deaths. There been 25 Class I recalls relating to the device- the most serious recall because the of the potential for serious injury and death. There has been a substantial interest in the scientific and medical communities in studying common failures with the HVAD.  Some of the most commonly observed issues that have been identified with the product include thrombosis and stroke as well serious issues with the device controller software.

If you or anyone you know has suffered from a serious injury or death from the Medtronic HVAD or have required medical care do to device malfunctions, please contact our office.  Halunen Law’s personal injury/ product liability lawyers can help obtain compensation for injuries resulting from use of the device.

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If you believe that products you have purchased have not lived up to their promises, Halunen Law offers a free consultation to discuss whether legal action may be an appropriate option for you.