February 2014 IKO Update – Class Certification Denied

January 28th, 2014

On January 28, 2014, Judge Harold Baker denied Plaintiff’s Motion for Class Certification.

In his ruling, Judge Baker reasoned that the evidence provided to the Court was insufficient to support a finding that Plaintiffs have each experienced the same type of damage. In particular, Judge Baker disagreed with Plaintiffs’ attorneys that the damages experienced by consumers resulted from the company’s failure to manufacture and test shingles using industry standards. He noted, “installation, weather, and other issues factor into each plaintiff’s claimed injury.”

We strongly disagree with Judge Baker’s ruling and we intend to appeal the denial of class certification. We will continue to provide updates throughout the appeal process at www.ikoshingleslawsuit.com.

Read the full order here: 2014-01-28 Order Denying Class Certification.