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My attorney brought inspired assistance to my case. ~M. P.


The Halunen Law attorneys are zealous advocates, seeking justice on behalf of victims and giving us a voice. ~J.W.

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It was an incredible feeling to have a team of excellent, powerful, respected attorneys represent me. Walking into Halunen Law was the best decision I have ever made. ~ W.T.


My life was definitely at an all time low and they not only lifted my spirits but settled my case for exactly what we were expecting from the beginning! ~ J.B.


Always available for questions with positive and good feedback. ~ A.P.


With their unwavering tenacity and integrity, they fight for what is right and make the entire process seam effortless for their client. ~ L.R.


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The votes are in! With nearly 600,000 votes cast in the StarTribune’s statewide campaign, we are honored to be named “Minnesota’s Best” Gold Award Winner.  This recognition reinforces our deep dedication to defending employees’ rights, courageous whistleblowers, and those who’ve been wrongfully injured.


Our Minnesota employment lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of individual employees and are prepared to hold your employer accountable. Our attorneys have helped employees handle a variety of common legal issues in the workplace. With our expertise, Halunen Law has helped countless clients achieve rightful compensation for their employer's wrongdoings. Minnesota and federal laws protect employees from unfair treatment in the workplace, and our lawyers are here to help you fight against wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour disputes, workers' compensation retaliation, and other common issues. Visit our Employment Law page for more information.

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Halunen Law attorneys represent whistleblowers across the United States in qui tam claims under the False Claims Act and other laws that provide significant financial rewards for exposing fraud against government agencies or programs. We work with you to expose dishonest practices and protect the government from fraud. Challenging this illegal conduct takes courage and a commitment to doing what's right. Federal and Minnesota state laws protect whistleblowers from unfair retaliation. If you reported illegal workplace and then found yourself the victim of wrongful termination or retaliation, Halunen Law will help you hold your employer accountable and preserve future whistleblowers' rights. Visit our Whistleblower/False Claims Act page to learn more.

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If you’ve been injured due to the negligence, error, or a deliberately wrongful act of someone, you may be entitled to significant compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Our team of Minnesota personal injury attorneys works with individuals in catastrophic injuries, car accident injuries, railroad accidents, and nursing home injuries—to name a few. We are not afraid to go to the mat to fight for you, including taking insurance companies on in the courtroom. With extensive legal expertise, a true passion for our client’s rights, and a track record of successful resolutions, Halunen Law is qualified to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to ensuring the best possible representation for you or your loved ones. Visit our Personal Injury page to learn more.

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If you've been the victim of misleading or fraudulent business practices, you may be able to pursue rightful compensation through a class-action lawsuit. Our team of Minnesota class action attorneys works with consumers and employees that have been affected by dishonest corporate practices. We are not afraid to go after the big companies, including the manufacturing and sale of defective products, deceptive marketing, and adverse employment actions affecting many employees. With extensive legal expertise, national influence, and a track record of successful resolutions, Halunen Law is qualified to help you take action against fraudulent industry practices. Visit our Consumer Class Action page to learn more.

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Dedicated to Your Fight.

Our clients are often facing some of the biggest challenges of their lives. When you’ve been wronged personally or observed other illegal conduct, we bring expertise, experience, and a passion for getting you the justice you deserve.

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