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Our class action lawyers have been instrumental in fighting intrusive telemarketing and protecting the privacy of consumers. We have represented tens of millions of class members in telemarketing suits against some of the biggest companies in the country, have fought and won for our clients at every level of the court system, up to the US Supreme Court, and have reached some of the largest settlements in telemarketing history for consumers.
Everybody has felt the annoyance and intrusion of calls asking you to buy an aftermarket car warranty, to support a political candidate, or to pay a bill whether you owe the bill or not. Likewise, most people have received intrusive text messages that they never asked for. Several laws at the state and federal level make it possible to sue the marketers and bill collectors who intrude on your privacy, and in many cases, provide statutory damages to prevent such abuse.
In addition, the companies you do business with or work for collect a wealth of personal information about you in every interaction. They record your personal information including your address, phone number, email address and social security number. Sometimes they listen to your conversations (hello, Siri and Alexa), and they may keep track of your browser history, your location data, even your fingerprints. Once again, laws at the state and federal level have been enacted to protect your privacy in these interactions, and when the companies you entrust to keep your data private fail to do so, we can step in in many cases to protect your privacy rights and seek appropriate damages and remediation.

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If you believe you have been wronged by invasive telemarketing or another invasion of your privacy, we may be able to help. Our Nationwide Attorneys at Halunen Law offer a free consultation to discuss whether legal action might be appropriate.

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If you believe that products you have purchased have not lived up to their promises, Halunen Law offers a free consultation to discuss whether legal action may be an appropriate option for you.

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