IKO’s Warranty / “Goodwill Release Offer”

October 10th, 2012

October 10, 2012 – Status Unchanged
District Court Judge has not ruled on class certification

IKO Warranty ~ ‘Goodwill Release Offer’

Many individuals have contacted IKO regarding warranty claims and have received a ‘goodwill release offer’ from the company. Typically, this warranty offer will cover the cost of prorated materials and you will be given a 30 day period within which to accept or reject IKO’s offer. The decision to accept or reject IKO’s offer is a personal one and you will need to take your individual circumstances into consideration. In weighing your options you may find it useful to consider the following:

– You can accept IKO’s warranty / ‘goodwill release offer’ in which case you would sign a release of your claims against the company and most likely would not be able to participate in any potential class action settlement down the line.
– You can reject IKO’s offer and wait for a potential nationwide class action resolution. We are seeking damages outside just the prorated material cost that IKO is quoting. This would include things such as labor and tear-off. However, there is risk involved in relying on a class action lawsuit as there is no guarantee that we will reach any particular outcome.
– Among other options, you could file your own lawsuit through an attorney in your area.

Halunen Law does not represent you. To decide whether to accept the goodwill release offer, we encourage you to consult with a local attorney.