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Halunen Represents Whistleblower Demoted for Speaking Out Against Minnesota Department of Human Services

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At Halunen & Associates, we are passionate about our work. We are fearless in the fight for employee and consumer rights.

Our lawyers are known for their tenacity and for getting results. We have been handling employee, whistleblower, and consumer litigation for years, with hundreds of successful cases under our belts.

Whether you are facing a problem with an employer or you have been treated badly as a consumer, our team of attorneys can fight for your rights and interests, regardless of how big or powerful the adversary is. We also tackle corporate and tax fraud, as well as fraud against the government.

We recognize that each person’s situation is unique. Regardless of what brings you to Halunen & Associates, we will treat you and your legal matter with honesty and respect.

Employment Attorneys

Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of individual employees whose rights have been violated at work. You are entitled to fair treatment and we work tirelessly to protect those rights. Visit our Employment Law page for more information.

Whistleblower Attorneys

We represent people who have experienced retaliation because they reported illegal activity in their workplace. It takes courage to do the right thing, and we can help when your employer punishes you instead of correcting the problem. If you are in this situation, contact one of our experienced legal attorneys today or visit our Whistleblower Retaliation page for more information.

We also represent people who blow the whistle on fraud against the government, as well as corporate, securities, and tax fraud. There are monetary incentives for people who have the integrity to be whistleblowers and we can help you challenge these types of illegal conduct. Visit our Whistleblower website and learn more.

Consumer Class Action Attorneys

Attorneys at Halunen & Associates work with consumers nationwide to protect their rights and challenge deceptive and unfair corporate conduct. We are not afraid to go after the big companies, whether the issue is false labeling of food, supplements, and other everyday products, or illegal business practices, or the selling of defective products. Our class action team has been successful in national cases that have stopped practices like this and compensated the consumers who were harmed. Visit our Class Action website for more information and to learn about current investigations.

Our firm offers a free, confidential consultation to prospective clients, which means that you can get important questions answered without any risk or any expense. If we believe we can help, we will clearly explain what your options are and allow you to decide on your next move. We have offices in Minneapolis and Chicago, and have worked across the country. To evaluate your situation with an experienced attorney, Contact Us.