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Why choose Halunen?

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Why choose Halunen?

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Employment & Whistleblower Law Firm

Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of individual employees whose rights have been violated at work. You are entitled to fair treatment and we work tirelessly to protect those rights. Visit our Employment Law page for more information.

Attorneys at Halunen Law work with consumers nationwide to protect their rights and challenge deceptive and unfair corporate conduct. We are not afraid to go after the big companies, whether the issue is false labeling of food, supplements, and other everyday products, or illegal business practices, or the selling of defective products.

Halunen Law attorneys represent whistleblowers across the United States in qui tam claims under the False Claims Act and other laws that provide significant financial rewards for exposing fraud against government agencies or programs. We also advocate for whistleblowers who experience retaliation for challenging unlawful corporate conduct.

Halunen Law - Reanimating Dead Law

Reanimating Dead Law

Article by Halunen Attorney Stephen Premo published in Bench & Bar Text: New whistleblower protections were added to the Minnesota Whistleblower Act in 2013. Halunen Law Employment Attorney Stephen Premo analyzes efforts to gut the effectiveness of the new law and upcoming review of those efforts by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Source: http://mnbenchbar.com/2017/01/reanimating-dead-law/ Download PDF […]

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