What should I do if I have evidence of fraud against the government?

October 26th, 2016

With changing times and expanding needs, the government finds itself increasingly reliant on the private sector to help deliver an array of services. As the private sector’s role has expanded, one thing remains constant: some businesses cheat—they commit fraud against the government. These deceptive practices date back to the Civil War era.

When a person has knowledge of such fraudulent business practices, they can “blow the whistle” through the False Claims Act. The process is complicated and whistleblowers need knowledgeable legal counsel to provide expertise and guidance, when exploring the possibility of becoming a “relator,” the term used for False Claims Act whistleblowers. Under the False Claims Act, if information provided by the relator ends in a government recovery, relators are compensated with a percentage of the total recovery.

Halunen Law represents relators in false claims cases across the country. In this video, Clayton Halunen, Founder and Managing Partner of Halunen Law, explains in greater detail the process of becoming a relator.

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