Training Magazine Features Clayton Halunen’s Insight on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

November 12th, 2021

Recent Training magazine article features Clayton Halunen’s insight on timely questions related to Covid-19 workplace vaccine mandates

COVID-19 vaccine ultimatums from employers across the country are increasing—and increasingly clear: Get the shot or get a new job. And in the overwhelming majority of cases, employers are within their rights to fire employees who refuse vaccination.

In the recent article, “Your Employer Can Fire You for Not Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine,” Halunen Law founder and managing partner, Clayton Halunen offers a clear and concise perspective on current concerns surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Halunen brings his years of employment law expertise to bear in providing valuable answers to critical questions such as:

    • Can my employer require me to get the vaccine?
    • Can I be fired for refusing vaccination?
    • Doesn’t forcing me to get the vaccine violate my rights?
    • What happens if I have a disability that makes it medically risky for me to get the vaccine?
    • Do I have a claim for wrongful termination if I’m fired for refusing the vaccine? and more…

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Clayton-Halunen-headshotAfter more than 20 years of practice, Clayton Halunen has successfully tried to verdict employee discrimination, harassment, and whistleblower cases. He has litigated and won countless high-profile cases that have significantly altered corporate practices and garnered millions of dollars in awards and settlements for his clients.

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