November 29th, 2012

To be a nurse, takes a special kind of person. Not only do you need to think quickly on your feet, but you need to have a caring personality. And while nursing is a job, it may be hard to not jump into nurse mode when you aren’t on duty. A recent court case has been filed by a nurse claiming that she was wrongfully terminated for violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The court document states that the nurse was terminated from her position from an alleged incident that took place at the hospital’s emergency room. The nurse was at the hospital with her son when she noticed that a doctor she worked with was being loaded onto a gurney for a life flight from the hospital. She was very concerned for her colleague and had asked an emergency room nurse what had happened to the doctor. She also asked another clerk how they were doing.

She was only asking about the welfare of a coworker and feels that she did not violate HIPPA or other written policies in place at the hospital. Her suit also claims that the hospital can’t terminate her without just cause, citing the hospital’s employee handbook.

While we don’t know how this case will turn out, if you are in a situation where you have been wrongfully terminated, you should seek the advice of an employment lawyer. They can review your case and outline your options.

In this case, the woman is seeking lost and future earnings totally approximately $.7 million.

The Green River Star, “Wrongful termination suit filed against memorial hospital,” David Martin, Nov. 28, 2012.

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