Halunen Law Speaks to Minnesota Association for Justice about Workers’ Compensation Retaliation

May 4th, 2012

Halunen Law attorneys Michelle Dye Neumann, Brian Rochel, and Phillip Kitzer presented a three-hour Continuing Legal Education (CLE) to workers’ compensation attorneys titled “Winning Civil Damages for Retaliation in Workers’ Compensation Claims.” Neumann, Rochel, and Kitzer addressed employment claims under the workers’ compensation statute, common issues employment attorneys face in litigation, and the interplay between employment and workers’ compensation claims. The presentation centered on how employment and workers’ compensation attorneys can work together to best represent the rights of victimized employees. They also discussed the facts and strategies of two of thier recent successful trials, Dubiel v. GHK and Schmitz v. U.S. Steel. The CLE was hosted by the Minnesota Association for Justice.

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