Halunen Law attorney Benjamin Kwan moderates recent jobs panel for law students

March 28th, 2017

Halunen Law - Ben Kwan Moderates Jobs Panel for Law Students Titled “This Summer and Beyond,” the Affinity Bar Student Job Symposium gave law students a unique opportunity to network with their peers, hear from legal professionals, and explore job opportunities with a host of potential employers. The March 21st event featured a jobs panel moderated by Halunen Law attorney, and President of the Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association, Benjamin Kwan. The panel discussed various practice areas, the need for increased diversity in the legal field, job search strategies, and more. Kwan co-organized the event, which drew nearly 100 law students and more than 70 lawyers from 54 different legal employers to the networking portion of the evening. Employers came from all over Minnesota. Halunen Law is proud to support Benjamin Kwan’s continued leadership role in the legal community, and his dedication to support and mentor the next generation of attorneys.

Halunen Law - Ben Kwan Attorney Learn more about Benjamin Kwan:
(link: https://www.halunenlaw.com/our-team/benjamin-r-kwan/)


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