Clayton D. Halunen is featured as the Attorney of the Month in the October issue of Attorney at Law

October 28th, 2016

Clayton Halunen - Law Magazine Cover Fearless in His Pursuit of JusticeClayton D. Halunen, founder of the powerhouse plaintiff’s firm Halunen Law, has done exactly what he set out to do. A bold voice in employment, consumer and whistle-blower matters, Halunen and his team of dedicated advocates strive to right the wrongs in our society, taking up the cause of the little guy against monied interests.

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Clayton Halunen Pic Bio Clayton HalunenClayton is the founder of Halunen Law, a law firm that represents employees, consumers, and whistleblowers in individual and class actions. Under his leadership, Halunen Law has achieved a reputation as a fearless, tenacious and successful plaintiffs’ law firm, with a laser focus on achieving justice for its clients as well as meaningful social change.

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